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Please Come Back

Third round of the Spintunes 4 songwriting competition, and this time the challenge was to write a song using words which started with only 7 letters of the alphabet.  The letters I chose were A,B,C,D,P.R and S, which I selected after researching which letters  had the most words available with them.  
   The tune came hard for me this time; instead of having most of a basic tune ready I only had bits and snatches recorded in my old walkman along with  short bursts of lyrics.  Ted listened to them, and wrote the song based on that inspiration. From that I was able to take the phrases and start fitting them into his song.
   My husband was sent to Iraq in 2003 at the start of the war and got there a week after Baghdad had been taken.  The first three months he was gone were bad enough; after coming  home for 2 months though the SECOND 3 months were really hard on me.  Attacks had been increasing on troops and on  civilian contractors like him (he was active army 22 years before this).  I started having night I woke in a cold sweat at 4 am, having just seen, heard and felt the blast which I knew had killed him.  I was crying, shaking, praying, and when I could get out of bed I rushed to the computer and got on Yahoo, because that is where we chatted every day.  I started  begging him to respond, to let me know he was ok.  Within 15 minutes, he was pming me to say it was just a bad dream.
   I tried to convey that feeling in this song.  A marching beat, as the couple soldiers on.  The ticking of a clock at 4 am, the sleepless nights, waiting for the dawn, feeling alone.  Falling asleep, just to have it all happen again.
   For a lot of military spouses, it hasn't been just a bad dream though. For them, the call they feared came, and they never got to see or talk to their husbands again. This song is the companion to my "Seeing Red" song about my nephews experiences in Iraq and with survivor guilt and PTSD. ( )  
     Just as that was dedicated to the troops over there putting their lives on the line, and those who survived and are back here, this one is dedicated to all the military spouses who wait...and have dreams that wake them up shaking in terror.

Please Come Back…

Lyrics by JoAnn Abbott

Music by Ted Kiper

She sleeps, she dreams

Shelling and bombs and death

She sees, she screams

Chokes as she catches breath

Calm down! Come down, she prays

Silently, anxiously, stop all phantasms and relax

But she can’t, a cold bed stops all sleep-

She sits, she stares

Remembering days before

She begs, she pleads

A spouse and a distant shore

“Be safe!  Be safe!”, she says

Blood rushing powerf’ly

Breath slowing down and she’s calm;

Saying all dreams dim at dawn, but

She’s shaking, and sweating, and praying alone

And she breaks down so completely,

Crying drops she can’t postpone

Always aching, awaiting a call,

Softly she says "Please come back."

Sleeping, dreaming,

Crying screaming,

Pacing , pausing,

Calming down…

Praying come back

Always alone, always afraid,

An army spouse, acting so brave

She sleeps, she dreams

Shelling and bombs and death

She sees, she screams

Chokes as she catches breath

Tags: army wife., iraq, ptsd, song writing competition, spintunes
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