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I Met A Man

The story of how this was written is as follows- I was away at a Ladies Bible retreat weekend last fall...and had brought along my new Galaxy Tab.  Now the idea of a retreat is that you will get away from everything and focus on God, the bible and  communing with him and with fellow Christians.  And I had my new toy which could connect to the internet.
So God, who has a sense of humor, hit me with a clue by four when I managed to accidentally drop it in the toilet the first evening.  No internet. No facebook. No checking emails or surfing the web, or using it with the excuse that it had 4 different translations of the Bible in it.  Ok, ok, I got the message
    . I kept trying to dry it out and get it to work, but I eventually got the message.
On Saturday I did a fast trip to the local Walmarts to get something, and on the way back, while listening to a Christian music show, the host interviewed someone, and I heard the phrase "I met a man". I turned off the radio right away, and the words suggested a beat to me, which I proceeded to thump on the steering wheel while adding more words and telling the story, singing it over and over, trying not to let it slip away from me.  As soon as I got back I grabbed a pen and paper and started to write the lyrics down. I sang them the next morning, Sunday for the group, and then when I got home I recorded them and sent it off to Dave, asking for help.  What he sent back to me blew me away!
   He saw it as having a Celtic flavor and style right away; I didn't realize it until he sang it with a brogue, :)
The current version without me is on his bandcamp page at

I met a man and he asked me for water
Though it was obvious I was a daughter of shame
I did not know his name

I met a man and he told me my story
Married five times and now living with one I'd not wed
I hung down my head

Who was this man that so knew me?
How could he see through the lies to my sorrow?
Why did he want to speak to me
I didn't know
I didn't know

I met a man and he offered me water
So I'd never thirst and could then be a daughter of God
A daughter of God

I met a man and he gave his life for me
Now I tell everyone come share his water of life
To stop tears and strife

Who was this man that so knew me?
How could he see through the lies to my sorrow?
Why did he want to speak to me
I didn't know
I didn't know

Who was this man that so knows me?
How can he see through the lies to my sorrows?
Why would he want to speak to me?
I didn't know
He loved me so
I didn't know
He loves me so.


released 31 January 2014
Words and original tune by JoAnn Abbott
Arrangement by Dave Leigh

Jenny Katz-Brandoli: lead vocals & harmony
Dave Leigh: backing vocals, guitar, synth bass, tambourine, and shaky-egg, mixing
Joe 'Covenant' Lamb: bodhran

PS. Three days after I dropped the tablet in the toilet and killed it, it came back to life when I removed it from my suitcase late Sunday evening at home!

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