calliopeva (calliopeva) wrote,

Wevenge! A Song Biogwaphy!

Wevenge! Wewl, we can't awl have it in weal life, but we CAN enjoy it when favowit cawtoon cawacters open up a cewtified can of Acme Bwand Whoop Ass on each other, wight?

I decided to swap out my original idea- A Worthless Round- for this completely rewritten one. I used the same tracks from Errol Elumir, arranged a bit differently and wrote a whole new shadow song to fulfill the challenge For ST8 round 2 "Disdain In The Refrain - Write a hate song about someone. (2 minute minimum)" The other song with a bit TOO hateful, it would least I was advised to try again by someone whose opinion I value. So here is a somewhat darker view of a classic pair of characters.

By JoAnn Abbott

There was a bunny soft and grey
Who in the woods did live and play
Until a hunter came one day
And tried to shoot him dead

You know of course that this means war!
The bunny said and then he swore
That he would even up the score
Before he went to bed

No matter how that hunter tried
The bunny took him for a ride
Until “I’ve had enough! He cried.
And ran away instead

The bunny said “That’s not enough
He started this so let’s get rough
I’ll show him that he’s not so tough!”
And started making plans

He dressed up like a maiden fair
With ruby lips and golden hair
And sang a love song in the air
The hunter did advance

The hunter tried to plant a kiss
Bunhilda said “We can’t do this!
I am a MISTER, not a miss!”
Now take away your hands!

The angry hunter grabbed his gun
And yelled “I will not be undone!
You wascal, you had better WUN!
I’ll fill you full of slugs!”

But bunny planned ahead you know
He’d sealed the barrels long ago
The hunter shot and was laid low
And died there in his blood

The bunny’s back to forest life
And if you want yours free of strife
Then heed this small bit of advice
Don’t mess around with Bugs.

It can be found on
Tags: bugs bunny, comedy, elmer fudd, humor, revenge, spin tunes
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